Shoemaking 2.2 – Sewing the upper

Sewing upperAlle sømme på overlæderet håndsyes med bomuldstråd, som gives voks for at beskytte fibrene så den ikke tager skade under syarbejdet. Jeg syer med to nåle og hvert sting strammes til ved at trække i begge trådender samtidig.

All seams on the outer leather are hand sewn with cotton thread, waxed to protect the fibres during sewing. I sew with two needles, and every stitch is tightened by pulling both thread ends at once.

Sewing upperFoeret består af to dele, som sammensyes på maskine, da det giver en fladere søm. Sømrummet skærfes og hamres fladt.

The lining consists of two parts, gathered on sewing mashine as it makes a more flat seam. The overlap is skived and hammered flat.

Sewing upperFoerets kanter limes på overlæderet. Der laves huller med syl og syes hele vejen rundt.

The edges of the lining are glued to the outer leather. Awl holes are made and sewn all the way round.

Sewing upperTil sidst laves snørehuller med en hultang og for at beskytte hullerne og sikre den rette afstand laves et ekstra stykke læder med snørehuller. Dette skal forblive under læstningen.

Finally holes are made for the shoelaces and an extra leather piece is added to protect the holes and keep the spacing equal. This will stay during lasting.


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