Lace boots – Stitching upper

Lace boots - Stitching upperInden sammensyning limes delene sammen. Her ligger de og tørrer, holdt sammen med klemmer.

The pieces are glued together before stitching. Here it is left to dry, fixed with clamps.

Lace boots - Stitching upperLynlåsen, yderlæderet, underfald og foer syes sammen med én enkel søm.

The zipper, outer leather, facing and lining are stiched together in one single stitch.

Lace boots - Stitching upperTil sidst syes overkanten sammen med belægning og foer. Støvleoverdelen er nu klar til at blive læstet.

Finally the upper edge is stitched together with the facing and lining. The boot uppers are ready to be lasted.

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