Lace Boots – Preparing insole

Lace Boots - Preparing insoleMy first pair of shoes were made with a cemented rand tape and sole, which was a fairly big challenge, not having received any kind of introduction to shoemaking. This time I will obviously push my own limits once again, trying out the much more durable welted construction. A template is sketched onto the bottom of the insole. This is cut out as shown in the picture below, leaving an edge for sewing on the upper.

Lace Boots - Preparing insoleThen holes for sewing are made with a curved awl. It takes a very sharp awl, a lot of bees wax and hard work. Halfway through the first sole, I was so unlucky, (read: uncareful) the awl slipped into my own left hand! It gave me a few weeks break from shoemaking and I started thinking of new alternative ways for this task. I just bought a new tool, a Dremel 3000, which I am hoping will do the job of drilling the holes. Besides, it is a very clever tool for many other creative projects on which I promise to make a post or two in the future. First of all, I am hoping it will solve this job for me, maybe in combination with the curved awl…

3 thoughts on “Lace Boots – Preparing insole

  1. Hej
    Kul att läsa om din första sko. Den blev jättefin. Min första är snart klar och nästa på gång. Tänkte bara ge dig ett tips. När du gör hål i “holdfast” med en syl skärs ett litet hål och lädret rycks ut åt sidorna. Om du borrar med dremmeln försvinner materialet och du får en holdfast som blir skör och kanske inte håller när du ska sy.

    1. Hej Agneta

      Tak for tippet. Jeg håber også at anskaffe mig en bedre syl og give det en chance mere på mit næste par 🙂 Kender du iøvrigt et godt sted at købe skomagerværktøj online?

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